Evening of Hope

Date: Saturday, March 23, 2024
Time: 18:00
Location: Nieuwe Kerk, Spui 175, 2511 BM Den Haag

Tickets: Buy here

Attention! New date!

We have received many requests to postpone the concert and other events scheduled for the evening of February 24. All because of school holidays and already planned family trips.

It is important for us that people who want to join this important event can do so.
We listened to you and are postponing the Charity Evening of Hope for almost a month.

So, if you were worried that you won’t be able to attend the concert because of the holidays, we are glad to tell you good news. You have a chance to be involved in this event.

Welcome to the charity evening Freedom for Ukraine, a fundraising event with all proceeds in aid of the Breath Care for Kids and Zeilen van Vrijheid fundations.

Join us at The Hague’s Nieuwe Kerk for a unique event of Ukrainian culture. Your participation in enjoying art & design, music and food translates directly into humanitarian aid.

All proceeds of this event will go to the organizations with the ultimate goal of purchasing an ambulance and sponsoring boxes containing life essentials for children in Ukraine.

The event will open at 18:00 with a networking dinner of exquisite Ukrainian cuisine, combining rich flavours of traditional dishes from every corner of Ukraine, served in an elegant style.

A Concert of Hope starts at 20:00 with performance of:

  • 2nd Piano Concert of Fryderyk Chopin, by the world-famous pianist Anna Fedorova, accompanied by Lendvay Ensemble.
  • Arias from Madame Butterlfy and Ukrainian melodies by Soprano Natalia Cioban, accompanied by Nataliia Abdulina on piano.
  • “Soul Vibrations” a dance composition, by the United Ukrainian Ballet, choreographed by Dmitro Borodai.
  • “Three phonecalls from home” composition of young Ukrainian composer Jeyana Morozenko, by the Shifted String Quartet.
  • “From Bucha to The Hague” project presentation by Yana Rudenko, Leiden University student. 

The concert continues with an exclusive art & design auction featuring talented Ukrainian artists. Following the cultural part, doors will be opened for a networking drink.

Secure your ticket for €125, inclusive of dinner and a welcome drink.

Join us for an evening of art, cuisine and meaningful connections, while giving your support to the relief and rebuilding efforts of Ukraine.

The proceeds of this event will go to the charities:

  • Stitching Zeilen Van Vrijheid (The Sails of Freedom Foundation) is a nonprofit organisation registered in The Netherlands. They buy the best used ambulances in the EU, equip them with medical devices, arrange all inspections and export documents, and drive vehicles to Ukraine.
  • The Breath Foundation was founded in 1995 by Diederik van Heemstra and Nico de Borst. Their goal is to support vulnerable children worldwide on their journey towards an independent life, irrespective of their religion, skin color, origin, or beliefs.

Information about the performers:

Anna Fedorova
Anna Fedorova is a Ukrainian pianist who has performed on concert stages worldwide, including piano concertos with the Rotterdam Philharmonic in De Doelen, the Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra at the BBC Proms, and with the Verbier Festival Orchestra at the Verbier Festival.
Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Anna helped raise well over 500,000 euros for humanitarian aid organizations in March and April 2022 alone. In that same year, she founded the Davidsbündler Music Academy in The Hague together with Nicholas Schwartz to offer private lessons to talented young musicians.
Anna graduated from the Lysenko School of Music in Kyiv and the Accademia Pianistica in Imola, Italy. She received her Master’s degree and Artist Diploma at the Royal College of Music, London.

Photo: Marco Borggreve all rights reserved

United Ukrainian Ballet Company

Music: “The Water Poem” by Ram Dass & AWARÉ
Composed by Ram Dass Khalsa, Bogdan Djukic, and Matias Da Via
Choreographer: Borodai Dmytro

It’s just what I feel, my gut, my inspiration, my strength, my personality, tenderness and love. During creation, I wanted to get closer to national Ukrainian shades, to show their will, strength and indomitability, but I want everyone to see only their soul vibrations. Felt our vibrations more precisely and remembered myself, found something quite similar and important for understanding.

Photographer: Altin Kaftir

Natalia Cioban (Soprano)

Nataliia Cioban is a Ukrainian soprano and award-winning opera singer. She’s been recognized globally, having participated in numerous competitions and workshop, including the La Scala Academy of Music. Before the Russian invasion, Nataliia performed at the Kyiv Opera Theatre in Podol. In the Netherlands, Nataliia has played a role in various concerts and international fundraising projects.

Jeyana Morozenko and The Shifted String Quartet

Jeyana had to leave their home in March 2022 because the medical equipment that’s keeping them alive became unavailable in Ukraine since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion. Their whole family stayed in or near Mykolaïv — fighting, volunteering, working under shelling. Jeyana is currently studying at The Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, writing and performing music about the pain and courage of their people. They think artists have great power and great responsibility in a time of war. By being sincere and accurate, Jeyana tries to raise awareness and inspire people to support Ukraine as long as needed.

About the musical piece:
“Three Phonecalls From Home” quartet is about personal experiences of my close friends in Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine. It consists of three movements:
Mvt. 1 (“Told Ya”) is a portrait of an artist, who keeps creating and teaching under shelling. He’s strong, and yet vulnerable; resilient, but exhausted. He dreams of a happy post-war life, and at the same time realizes nothing will be the same.
Mvt. 2 (“Dream”) is about a quiet hero. He found a way to remain calm in the midst of war so that he can keep helping others. Still, he is undoubtedly impacted by everyday tragedy. In the music, the pain and the love are intertwined.
Mvt. 3 (“More Than Before”) is dedicated to a kind, sensitive person, who wants to live in peace. But when someone comes to kill your family and burn your home, you can’t just talk them out of it. So he joined the Ukrainian Army when Russia’s full-scale invasion started.
The final movement is built on three folk melodies. One is an ancient lyrical song, recorded by ethnographers in the region where my friend grew up. The other is a humorous tune from the 19th century. And the third, most easily recognizable melody, is an anthem of Ukrainian Resistance for more than a hundred years now.

The piece is written for a unique ensemble called The Shifted String Quartet:
Pedro Domínguez (Viola 1)
Hyemin Lee (Viola 2)
Gabrielė Dikčiūtė (Cello)
Thomas Debellemaniere (Contrabass)

Yana Rudenko

A victim of russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a Social justice activist for Ukraine, President of ABBA student association, a prospective master graduate from Leiden University
On the February 24, 2022, like for many Ukrainians, Yana’s life took a drastic turn, when she found herself in the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Prior to this tragic event, she was a regular Ukrainian citizen, immersed in building a career in the IT sector, traveling, and enjoying time with friends, all while harboring a desire to contribute positively to the world.

Waking up in a war zone under Russian occupation in Bucha on February 24th, Yana’s life was forever changed. Fortunately, she managed to escape after enduring two weeks of harrowing conditions. The subsequent revelation of the Bucha massacre shocked the world, exposing mass graves and the execution of civilians. Over 10,000 war crimes were committed by Russian troops in just one month in the Kyiv region. Yana, now a social justice activist for Ukraine, is dedicated to achieving justice for the thousands of unknown victims who suffered during this devastating conflict.


Annet Weijermars, Diana Makienko


Nastya Prokofieva