EVENING OF HOPE: About the charity auction

Our goal is to raise 30,000 euros with which we will purchase an ambulance that will help save the lives of both military and civilians on the Ukrainian front. To reach this goal, we have an impressive range of artworks. Place your bid, take home a fantastic piece of art, and help us reach our goal!

Noom Gropius Armchair and Ottoman by Kateryna Sokolova, NOOM home

Nothing Basic has brought top quality Ukrainian design from various Ukrainian cities to The Hague. The featuring items combine both high-end modern furniture items and contemporary interpretations of traditional crafts.

Suminagashi coffee table by Kateryna and Valeriy Kuznetsov, Studio Donna

Participating designers & brands are:

Kateryna and Valeriy Kuznetsov, Studio Donna, GORN Ceramics, Tasha Oro, Kateryna Sokolova, Mykola Stupinsky, Artem Ronsky, Olesya and Andriy Voznytski, Yuliya Makliuk, and Gushka Wool.

New Grasses, 2022 (left side) + Faces 2022 (right side) by Dima Tolkachov

Christian van der Kooy who lives and works in The Hague, offers contemporary photography from his exhibition Forever and a Day which he curated earlier this year at the Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam. His work consists of assignments and long-term projects that start from a conceptual approach and reflect on the cultural-historical design of the landscape and public space. Since his first visit to revolutionary Kyiv in 2004, he has been searching for stories that express how young Ukrainians are shaping their society in their own way. Van der Kooy’s work is represented in permanent and private collections and he has exhibited in, among others, the Nederlands Fotomuseum and Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam, the Fotomuseum Den Haag, CID Grand-Hornu, Künstlerhaus Dortmund and RA Gallery Kyiv.

All the artworks which are put up for auction in our Evening of Hope were recently exhibited in Forever and a Day at Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam (January 18 – February 25, 2024). Forever and a Day showcased different diary projects made by Ukrainian artists in Ukraine over the past two years, in which it becomes palpable how difficult it is to get a grip on the here and now. When your dreams have been postponed, art can be a way to alter time and process pain. Several works interpret cultural and visual codes of Ukrainian everyday war. Despite the loss of future prospects, the pictures depict hope. Ukraine should and can win this war. To do so, it needs arms and funds. Please donate and purchase these beautiful works of art!

Klementyna, 2023 (left) + Hanna, 2023 (right) by Daria Svertilova

Participating artists are: 

Lesha Berezovskiy, Igor Chekachkov, Nazar Furyk, Evgeniya Laptii, Daria Svertilova, Dima Tolkachov, Valerii Veduta, Kris Voitkiv and Semen Kuchvara.

Irpin by Irina Leonenko-Wels

Irina Leonenko-Wels — is a Ukrainian/Dutch photographer currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Photography at Luca School of Arts in Brussels, and offers documentary photography that holds great personal meaning to her. She is dedicated to documenting the story of her own family and their experiences amidst the full-scale war in Ukraine.

Lisa Weeda offers a unique item for the literature lovers catalogue — a chance to place a bid on a private literary meeting with her!

Lisa Weeda, the award-winning author of Aleksandra, a novel tracing a hundred years of her Ukrainian family history, will discuss her 8-year research process for her book and how her views and writing changed and deepened since the book was published in October 2021. Since the full scale invasion, she has traveled to Ukraine, worked with international groups of writers located near the Black Sea who have a complex history with Russia. Her new book, DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION is a fictional parable about complicity in western Europe and asks the question: if you could dance in order to wake up war victims, would you?

Excited to learn more about which items can you place a bit on? Please check out our catalogues:

Our auction is conducted by Philomeen van ‘t Hooft — art historian with 40+ years of experience within the field of art and antiques.

It must have been around 1993 when, working as an art consultant, I was first asked to organise an art auction for charity. It was for teaching materials and school meals in a country ravaged by extreme drought and tribal conflicts. Several such auctions followed, focusing on children, medical care or education. And at some point, the question came whether I wouldn’t like to wield that auction hammer myself one day.
For me, in my role as auctioneer, it is very important that I feel connected to the subject. That it speaks to me. To quote the Dutch saying: “Combining the Useful (the goal, the charity) with the Pleasant (in this case with beautiful, inspiring art), that is the commitment every time, including for this evening.