Magazine Ти де? / Where are you?

Magazine “Where are you?” collects stories of Ukrainians who left for the Netherlands because of the war. The theme of the first issue is the road.

For two days, Ukrainian displaced persons living in The Netherlands came together to tell their stories of departure and journey, rescue, and evacuation. The stories were presented in them in different artistic forms: photo, video, theatrical or musical performance, drawings, illustrations, comics, installation , poetry and prose

On November 25-26, the participants met at Verhalenhuis Belvedere in Rotterdam. Within 24 hours, the group got to know each other, shared their own stories and ideas for their implementation. At the end of the intensive workshop, we printed and publicly presented of the stories in the first copy of the magazine “Where are you?”

The magazine is currently undergoing editing and aditional graphic design, and will be available soon!

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