In Ukrainian, ВАТАГА, or “VATAHA”, means “a large crowd of people” and in certain contexts also “an organized armed group”. The term embodies our mission of promoting Ukrainian art and culture throughout the Netherlands by building bridges between cultures and creating opportunities for creative Ukrainians.

We arm ourselves not with weapons but with words. We take to the streets, the stage and the screen to advocate for Ukrainian freedom and justice against russian oppression. Our artivism (activism through art) solidifies our Ukrainian roots to celebrate our heritage, our history and our future .

Founded just weeks after the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, VATAHA’s ranks consist of Ukrainians who have recently been displaced and those who immigrated to the Netherlands years ago. We join hands with Dutch locals and international residents to spread the word that the fight for peace in Ukraine is a fight for peace across the world.

Cities of War performance in front of the UN International Court of Justice
The yearly Run for Ukraine is an occasion for Ukrainians in the Netherlands to remember their fallen heroes

Contact us

Are you interested in collaborating, or just curious about our activities?

Contact us via e-mail on info@vataha.nl or send us a DM on Instagram

Participants of one of our Vyshyvanka embroidery workshops
Exhibition by participants of the Teen Art Club workshops

VATAHA Foundation

VATAHA is a registered foundation (“stichting”) with a charitable status (“culturele ANBI”) in The Netherlands (KVK 87872935, RSIN 864433141)

VATAHA Foundation was started in 2022 by Oksana, Yulia and Uliana — three active Ukrainian women living in The Netherlands, with broad experience and connections in the Dutch cultural scene.

The goals of the foundation are:

  • Support of projects in the field of culture and art.
  • Providing a platform for creativity, inspiration and professional exchange.
  • Exchange of cultures and the function of a bridge between Ukrainian and Dutch artists with the possibility of learning from each other.
  • Creation of a communication environment between creative Ukrainians and Dutch people.
  • Organization of public events

The foundation tries to achieve its goals, among other things, by following developments within the cultural sector, entering into collaborations with artists, collectives and institutions, building a network within both the Ukrainian and the Dutch cultural sector, organizing public events and individual artists and collectives. 

The foundation is authorized to perform commercial acts insofar as these are in accordance with the said purpose and insofar as the profits are used to achieve this purpose. 

The foundation has no profit motive.

The directors receive no remuneration for their work, except possibly a non-excessive attendance fee. They are, however, entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by them in the performance of their duties.

Download the full policy plan for 2022-2024 here

Jaarrekening van periode 19/11/2022 – 30/06/2024