• Run for Ukraine 2024

    Run for Ukraine 2024

    On August 24, on the Independence Day of Ukraine, we are again going to Run for Ukraine in The Hague. Read more about the event and buy tickets here.

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  • Art Project by ANNA KAKHIANI

    Art Project by ANNA KAKHIANI

    How often do phrases such as “don’t cry” or “keep smiling” go out of place or are opposite, making us feel better? As a starting point of Anna Kahiani’s artistic research, she refers to speech patterns and recognizable phrases in situations that require empathy based on recurring situations that happen to refugees and migrants.

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  • Ukraine at the 54th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam 

    Ukraine at the 54th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam 

    This week, from June 6 to 9, the largest poetry festival in the country took place in the Netherlands – the 54th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam. Oksana Stomina, a Ukrainian poet from Mariupol, was invited to the festival.

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  • Liberation Day, which the Dutch and Ukrainians spent together

    Liberation Day, which the Dutch and Ukrainians spent together

    On May 5, the day when the Netherlands celebrates the Day of Liberation from the Nazi Occupiers, members of the Ukrainian community also took part in various events organised to mark this date to emphasise the importance of freedom.

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  • Introducing the winning projects of the Letterenfonds Foundation!
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    Introducing the winning projects of the Letterenfonds Foundation!

    We have great news to share with you! Five artists from our Ukrainian community won grants from the Support Programme for Ukrainian Artists 2024 financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands! This means that very soon you will be presented with very diverse Ukrainian…

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  • “I dream of the sea and the surfing and big seagulls”. 

    “I dream of the sea and the surfing and big seagulls”. 

    On World Poetry Day, March 21, at the Design Museum Dedel in The Hague, we organised a unique poetry evening in memory of Maksym Kryvtsov, a warrior of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and a poet who died at the age of 33 at the beginning of 2024 in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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  • Two Years of Full Scale Invasion

    Two Years of Full Scale Invasion

    On February 24, 2024, the Ukrainian community came together in Rotterdam to commemorate those who have fought for their country’s freedom and paid the ultimate price. VATAHA facilitated a three-part art installation at the Rotterdam central station where mourners could remember and honor those they have lost. 

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  • Wartime Poetry: Reading & Discussion

    Wartime Poetry: Reading & Discussion

    This discussion evening will dive into the topics of struggle, courage, love, and the unbreakable spirit of Ukrainians. With readings by Vitalii Byrchak, Yuliya Vrotna and Daria Lysenko.

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  • Panel discussion on the Future of Ukraine

    Panel discussion on the Future of Ukraine

    In cooperation with Vataha, the ABBA student association is organizing a series of panel discussions at Leiden University.

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    This Christmas, VATAHA went caroling in the Randstad to spread holiday cheer the Ukrainian way. The caroling group strengthened their Christmas traditions by singing Ukrainian Christmas classics such as “Bog sja rozdaje”, “Shczedryk” and “Nevobo I zemelja”. The caroling raised 4,120 Euros for the Ukrainian armed forces.

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  • Movie screening Casa Nostra

    Movie screening Casa Nostra

    Vataha, the Embassy of Ukraine to the Netherlands, and Haarlem4Ukraine organized a film screening of the movie ‘Casa Nostra. Mom is leaving’ with the famous actress and activist Irma Vitovska at Maca Amsterdam. The screening and Q&A turned into a celebration of Ukrainian contemporary cinema.

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    Co-founders Oksana Savchuk and Uliana Bun took to the Lithuanian Embassy in the Hague to continue seeking collaborations in the arts and culture sectors with like-minded partners. “Our role was to forge new connections so that we could work together in the future on joint projects,” Bun explained.

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    VATAHA represented Dutch-Ukrainian civil society collaboration at the second annual European Advocacy Forum in Brussels this year. The Forum discussed protecting democracy, economic relations, achieving justice, and the security landscape – all within the framework of the upcoming 2024 European Parliament elections.

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  • Vyshyvanka: United by Embroidery

    Vyshyvanka: United by Embroidery

    VATAHA’s embroidery workshops are in full swing: throughout the Randstad, Ukrainians come together to connect and create art in vyshyvanka workshops. With nothing more than just yarn and wooden pegboards, VATAHA co-founder Uliana Bun has organized over 25 workshops at festivals and community centers that keep the art and heritage of Ukrainian traditional embroidery alive.

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  • Ти де? | Waar ben je? Magazine Launch

    Ти де? | Waar ben je? Magazine Launch

    VATAHA’s “Ти де? | Waar Ben Je” magazine gave occasion to a panel discussion on how storytelling can express empathy for migrants, take control of their own narrative, help with trauma healing. Themed “On The Way”, the magazine’s first edition brought together the stories of Ukrainians’ travels to the Netherlands fleeing the war.

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    On September 27, a hearing took place in the International Court of Justice on russia’s war crimes in Ukraine. During the hearing, for 5 full hours, multidisciplinary artist Daria Pugachova put herself in a glass box and uninterruptedly wrote the words “The War in Ukraine is Still Going On” until the box turned fully black.

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    Nearly 300 athletes ran for the Glory of Ukraine on Saturday at VATAHA’s second annual Run for Heroes in Den Haag – more than 3 times the amount of participants than last year’s event in Rotterdam. Thanks to the generous support of HAAG Athletics, The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Fortitude Foundation,…

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  • Meditative Voice Classes

    Meditative Voice Classes

    VATAHA is collaborating with voice instructor Olha Bessherstna to help displaced Ukrainians rediscover the power of their own voice. Vocal healing classes combine elements of meditation and breathing techniques to reduce stress factors. The human voice is not only an important tool for physical and mental self-regulation, but also for identity creation.

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  • Ukrainian Children at The Ocean Race

    Ukrainian Children at The Ocean Race

    During the 2023 Ocean Race’s stop in The Hague in June, displaced Ukrainian children hoisted their self-painted sail to express their patriotism and homesickness for their home country.

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  • Haska Shyyan Literature Panel

    Haska Shyyan Literature Panel

    Ukrainian author Haska Shyyan joined forces with VATAHA to foster dialog on the complexities of wartime and its consequences while living abroad. She read excerpts from her award-winning novel Behind The Back (2019) at the literature event made possible by the Ukrainian Embassy in the Netherlands.

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  • Vyshyvanka Day in Den Haag

    Vyshyvanka Day in Den Haag

    Every year in mid-May, people all over the world put on embroidered shirts to celebrate World Vyshyvanka Day. Vyshyvanka is a national symbol of Ukraine, symbolizing beauty, health, happiness, and family memory. We organized a special event where we gathered guests to share the history and significance of the embroidered shirt. This national symbol of…

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  • Teen Art Club 2.0: The Second Reality

    Teen Art Club 2.0: The Second Reality

    Teen Art Club 2.0 brought together young individuals aged 13-18 for an exploration of modern art. Spanning three days, the event offered museum visits, interactive exhibitions, and a workshop party. Starting at Kunstmuseum den Haag on April 30, attendees delved into the world of modern art, guiding and being guided by each other through the…

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  • Second Konovalets Station Meeting

    Podcast group Konovalets Station held its second meeting together with VATAHA in April 2023. It brought Ukrainians together to share their personal experiences with different waves of emigration from the past and present. The event also explored building community development via social capital.

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  • First Konovalets Station Meeting

    First Konovalets Station Meeting

    The First Gathering of Stantsia Konovaltsia: A Successful Workshop and Experience Exchange on Ukrainian Emigration in Rotterdam On a sunny spring day in Rotterdam, the Ukrainian community came together for the first gathering organized by Stantsia Konovaltsia. This event, which took place on April 5th, 2023, was a unique opportunity for Ukrainians in the Netherlands…

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  • Embroidery workshop

    Embroidery workshop

    🌻 Created beauty and supported Ukrainian soldiers. Today, five women and one man participated in a masterclass under the watchful eye of master @kulikova_irina_, learning various embroidery techniques and decorating their own clothes. 🪡 Participants embroidered sunflowers and the coat of arms of Ukraine on shirts, bags, tops, and t-shirts. They chose their own patterns,…

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  • aHOUSEforHOME Architecture Workshop

    aHOUSEforHOME Architecture Workshop

    This spring, VATAHA successfully participated in its first architectural program called aHOUSEforHOME in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. Throughout the three-month program, 30 teenagers aged 11-18 from 12 different cities in Ukraine had the unique opportunity to learn more about urban development and city planning. As Russia’s full-scale war continues to destroy Ukrainian…

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  • Ukrainian Stand-up in the Netherlands

    Ukrainian Stand-up in the Netherlands

    Last week, an exceptional stand-up comedy show took place in Rotterdam and The Hague, featuring three talented Ukrainian comedians – Svitlana Nemoniezhyna, Kateryna Fedorkova, and Hanna Kochegura. The girls shared their life experiences during the war and raised money for the Valeriy Markus Charity Fund and the 47th Brigade. The event was held on March…

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  • Culture Cookie

    Culture Cookie

    Culture Cookie is VATAHA’s latest project enabling displaced Ukrainians to make pastries for high-level social events. In exchange, VATAHA compensates the cooking volunteers in the form of tickets to cultural events: Think Ukrainian bands touring the Netherlands and performances at the Dutch national dance theater. These free tickets open doors to otherwise pricey performances in…

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  • Memorial walk in Rotterdam

    Memorial walk in Rotterdam

    On 24/02 we remembered one year of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. This day was filled with pain, longing and sadness, but together we showed a strong spirit and determination in the fight for our freedom and independence. The Netherlands and Rotterdam have become a safe haven for many Ukrainians who sought refuge from…

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  • Memorial walk in The Hague

    Memorial walk in The Hague

    We extend our sincere gratitude to all who joined us at our memorial event on 24 of February in The Hague, as we marked the one-year anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Russia to Ukraine. Your presence and support meant a great deal to us. During the ceremony, we had the honor of awarding Ukrainian…

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  • a HOUSE for HOME

    a HOUSE for HOME

    a HOUSE for HOME is an architecture lab for young Ukrainian creatives, who currently find themselves far from home. In a series of weekend workshops, 30 participants between 11-18 years old are invited to explore the meanings of home through architecture, design and play. The program is designed as a collaboration between Netherlands-based practitioners and…

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  • Christmas concert

    Christmas concert

    For 5 years in a row, the “Chervoni korali” ensemble has been inviting friends to a loud event full of Christmas spirit and cheerful mood. In Ukraine, the Christmas holiday season ends with caroling togather with family and friends. That’s why we continue the tradition of the “Great Christmas Carol” from Lviv so that the…

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    We are delighted to invite you to the upcoming concert of the Ukrainian band TNMK! This is a unique opportunity to experience the energetic and soulful music of one of Ukraine’s most popular bands right here in Rotterdam and The Hague. TNMK, which stands for “Tanok Na Maidani Kongo” (Dance on the Congo Square), has…

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  • Christmas drone for Ukraine

    Christmas drone for Ukraine

    Get ready to spread some holiday cheer! 🎄🎶 Our Christmas charity project is underway and we’re looking for people who want to participate for a good cause. 🎤❤️Our defenders in the east of Ukraine need their own Christmas star. Here’s how it works: You invite our volunteers to come sing carols to you, your family,…

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  • Artist talk Masha Vyshedska

    Artist talk Masha Vyshedska

    We kindly invite you for the artist talk with @masha_risuet 🗓 12.12.2022, 19:00📍Pleinweg 196а, Rotterdam “I’m Masha Vyshedska, an artist from the east of Ukraine. After the start of hostilities, I spent half a year in Europe, and now I returned to Ukraine to live with my family in Ivano-Frankivsk, where it is now relatively…

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  • Holodomor Memorial

    Holodomor Memorial

    Traditionally, on the last Saturday of November, Ukraine remembers those who died during the three famines of the 20th century. On 26/11, we organized a silent information campaign in Rotterdan, where we distributed booklets about the Holodomor and attributes-symbols of the Holodomor (a candle and an ear of wheat) to passers-by. Additionally, we prepared different…

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  • Magazine Ти де? / Where are you?

    Magazine Ти де? / Where are you?

    Magazine “Where are you?” collects stories of Ukrainians who left for the Netherlands because of the war. The theme of the first issue is the road. For two days, Ukrainian displaced persons living in The Netherlands came together to tell their stories of departure and journey, rescue, and evacuation. The stories were presented in them…

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  • Teen art club

    Teen art club

    “Exhibition: from concept to the opening” was a five-day intensive program created for young people aged 15–17 years and resulted in their group exhibition. In this course, participants together with the facilitator developed the concept of the exhibition, brainstormed on the art installation ideas, and visited an art exhibition themselves. Afterward, art pieces were produced…

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  • Run for Heroes

    Run for Heroes

    In memory of the fallen Ukrainian soldiers, VATAHA organized a Run for Heroes throughout Rotterdam in August 2022. Each of the 80 participants ran a distance of 2km under the name of someone they had lost — in many cases a personal friend or cherished loved one.

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