Second Konovalets Station Meeting

On Sunday, April 23, Konovalets Station joined forces with VATAHA to host the Ukrainian community’s second public meeting. Held at the Design Museum Dedel in The Hague, the event brought Ukrainians to discuss waves of emigration from the past and present. The Konovalets Station also explored building community development via social capital.

“We are pleasantly surprised by the number of enterprising people and communities currently active in the Netherlands. And we urge everyone not to stop,” said Konovalets Station in an Instagram post.

Their first public meeting was held on April 5 and provided a platform for meaningful discussions, workshops, and exchange of experiences. It was deemed a “testament to the resilience, determination, and unity of the Ukrainian diaspora in the Netherlands.”

Founded in October 2022, Konovalets Station covers the complex facades of Ukrainian emigration, ranging from identity building during wartime to how energy transformation has shaped the modern world. The group also discusses these topics in its podcast.

The community is named after Yevhen Konovalets (1981-1938), political leader of the Ukrainian nationalist movement in the early 20th century. As leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, his goal was to revive an independent Ukraine through armed struggle. More importantly, his diplomacy efforts and leadership among the diaspora continues to inspire Konovalets Station. He was a fundraiser, public intellectual, and influencer of the contemporary youth. Konovalets was assassinated in Rotterdam in 1938.

VATAHA was happy to support Konovalets Station by promoting the event online and providing refreshments from a Ukrainian chef.