Christmas concert

For 5 years in a row, the “Chervoni korali” ensemble has been inviting friends to a loud event full of Christmas spirit and cheerful mood. In Ukraine, the Christmas holiday season ends with caroling togather with family and friends. That’s why we continue the tradition of the “Great Christmas Carol” from Lviv so that the Ukrainian carols sound in the Netherlands as well.

Especially now, when Ukrainian songs and traditions become our weapons. We believe in victory! We know that our spirit is unbreakable. So let’s carol together that the spirit of Christmas would give strength to the Ukrainian people to expel the invaders from our native land.

✨Carolers from all nearby towns and villages gather on January 29 in The Hague for such a great event. We are waiting for you too!✨

Special Thanks to:

Ensemble “Chervoni Korali”

Photo: Irina Leonenko