From embroidery to urban design and painting, our workshops provide a social and creative means of immersing yourself in Ukrainian culture. Regardless of which workshop you participate in, the emphasis is always on creating a culture of connection.

  • a HOUSE for HOME

    a HOUSE for HOME

    a HOUSE for HOME is an architecture lab for young Ukrainian creatives, who currently find themselves far from home. In a series of weekend workshops, 30 participants between 11-18 years old are invited to explore the meanings of home through architecture, design and play. The program is designed as a collaboration between Netherlands-based practitioners and…

  • Teen art club

    Teen art club

    “Exhibition: from concept to the opening” was a five-day intensive program created for young people aged 15–17 years and resulted in their group exhibition. In this course, participants together with the facilitator developed the concept of the exhibition, brainstormed on the art installation ideas, and visited an art exhibition themselves. Afterward, art pieces were produced…