Tradition & Heritage

Russia has a long-standing history of suppressing Ukrainian culture, and it ends now. With every Christmas carol we sing and every grandmother’s recipe we recreate, we are reminded that Russia will never be able to erase our traditions and our heritage.



    This Christmas, VATAHA went caroling in the Randstad to spread holiday cheer the Ukrainian way. The caroling group strengthened their Christmas traditions by singing Ukrainian Christmas classics such as “Bog sja rozdaje”, “Shczedryk” and “Nevobo I zemelja”. The caroling raised 4,120 Euros for the Ukrainian armed forces.

  • Christmas concert

    Christmas concert

    For 5 years in a row, the “Chervoni korali” ensemble has been inviting friends to a loud event full of Christmas spirit and cheerful mood. In Ukraine, the Christmas holiday season ends with caroling togather with family and friends. That’s why we continue the tradition of the “Great Christmas Carol” from Lviv so that the…



    We are delighted to invite you to the upcoming concert of the Ukrainian band TNMK! This is a unique opportunity to experience the energetic and soulful music of one of Ukraine’s most popular bands right here in Rotterdam and The Hague. TNMK, which stands for “Tanok Na Maidani Kongo” (Dance on the Congo Square), has…

  • Christmas drone for Ukraine

    Christmas drone for Ukraine

    Get ready to spread some holiday cheer! 🎄🎶 Our Christmas charity project is underway and we’re looking for people who want to participate for a good cause. 🎤❤️Our defenders in the east of Ukraine need their own Christmas star. Here’s how it works: You invite our volunteers to come sing carols to you, your family,…