Literature & Film

Our literature panels and film screenings offer an alternative way of processing the pain, trauma and uncertainty cause by the war. Telling and hearing different Ukrainians’ stories helps shape new narratives and create a fuller picture of the gravity of the war’s impact throughout Europe.

  • Wartime Poetry: Reading & Discussion

    Wartime Poetry: Reading & Discussion

    This discussion evening will dive into the topics of struggle, courage, love, and the unbreakable spirit of Ukrainians. With readings by Vitalii Byrchak, Yuliya Vrotna and Daria Lysenko.

  • Panel discussion on the Future of Ukraine

    Panel discussion on the Future of Ukraine

    In cooperation with Vataha, the ABBA student association is organizing a series of panel discussions at Leiden University.

  • Movie screening Casa Nostra

    Movie screening Casa Nostra

    Vataha, the Embassy of Ukraine to the Netherlands, and Haarlem4Ukraine organized a film screening of the movie ‘Casa Nostra. Mom is leaving’ with the famous actress and activist Irma Vitovska at Maca Amsterdam. The screening and Q&A turned into a celebration of Ukrainian contemporary cinema.

  • Ти де? | Waar ben je? Magazine Launch

    Ти де? | Waar ben je? Magazine Launch

    VATAHA’s “Ти де? | Waar Ben Je” magazine gave occasion to a panel discussion on how storytelling can express empathy for migrants, take control of their own narrative, help with trauma healing. Themed “On The Way”, the magazine’s first edition brought together the stories of Ukrainians’ travels to the Netherlands fleeing the war.

  • Haska Shyyan Literature Panel

    Haska Shyyan Literature Panel

    Ukrainian author Haska Shyyan joined forces with VATAHA to foster dialog on the complexities of wartime and its consequences while living abroad. She read excerpts from her award-winning novel Behind The Back (2019) at the literature event made possible by the Ukrainian Embassy in the Netherlands.

  • Magazine Ти де? / Where are you?

    Magazine Ти де? / Where are you?

    Magazine “Where are you?” collects stories of Ukrainians who left for the Netherlands because of the war. The theme of the first issue is the road. For two days, Ukrainian displaced persons living in The Netherlands came together to tell their stories of departure and journey, rescue, and evacuation. The stories were presented in them…