Tag: Displaced Ukrainians

  • Meditative Voice Classes

    Meditative Voice Classes

    VATAHA is collaborating with voice instructor Olha Bessherstna to help displaced Ukrainians rediscover the power of their own voice. Vocal healing classes combine elements of meditation and breathing techniques to reduce stress factors. The human voice is not only an important tool for physical and mental self-regulation, but also for identity creation.

  • Ukrainian Children at The Ocean Race

    Ukrainian Children at The Ocean Race

    During the 2023 Ocean Race’s stop in The Hague in June, displaced Ukrainian children hoisted their self-painted sail to express their patriotism and homesickness for their home country.

  • Second Konovalets Station Meeting

    Podcast group Konovalets Station held its second meeting together with VATAHA in April 2023. It brought Ukrainians together to share their personal experiences with different waves of emigration from the past and present. The event also explored building community development via social capital.

  • Run for Heroes

    Run for Heroes

    In memory of the fallen Ukrainian soldiers, VATAHA organized a Run for Heroes throughout Rotterdam in August 2022. Each of the 80 participants ran a distance of 2km under the name of someone they had lost — in many cases a personal friend or cherished loved one.